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Feb 5

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When I was coaching YMCA football – 7-8 year olds – I had a team member that was pretty solid and stocky so I placed him as a blocker in the offense – he wasn’t very good – second team ! He was not happy.

We were having a scrimmage one day, and I got the first team offense, and used the rest of the second team boys as defense.

I placed the solid boy at nose guard thinking he could handle that and not get hurt.

He would go through the offensive line so fast he would tackle the quarterback almost before he could hand the ball off !

He made a great defensive nose guard ! He was excited.

The problem with his initial failure and final success was not his lack of ability, but my placing him in the wrong position !

The most important part of people management is matching abilities with jobs !

I am convinced that most people who fail or perform poorly at their jobs are placed in the wrong position – by managers or coaches, like I did.

When people are properly matched with their skills and responsibilities they obviously perform better, and they are happier.

Click here to download an example Roles and Responsibilities Matrix.


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